Rug Repair and Restoration

At Rose Oriental Rugs, our Rug Repair and Restoration Services are dedicated to preserving the beauty, functionality, and value of your cherished rugs. With a rich heritage spanning three generations, our family-owned business combines traditional techniques with modern expertise to deliver unparalleled care for your rugs. Our comprehensive range of services includes resizing, re-weaving, re-fringing, and moth damage repair, each performed with meticulous attention to detail by our highly skilled technicians. Whether your rug has been damaged by moths, heavy foot traffic, or everyday wear and tear, we expertly restore it to its original condition, ensuring that every repair blends seamlessly with the rest of the rug. Our color restoration services rejuvenate faded hues and correct dye runs, bringing vibrancy back to your rug's intricate patterns. We also address structural issues such as tears and holes, reinforcing weakened areas to enhance the rug’s durability. All work is conducted in our Berkeley facility, where we maintain strict quality control and use only the finest materials. We proudly serve the entire Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, offering personalized service and expert care for rugs of all types and ages. Trust Rose Oriental Rugs for your rug repair and restoration needs, and experience the difference that dedication and craftsmanship can make.

Comprehensive Repair Services


Whether you need to adjust the size of your rug to better fit a new space or to repair areas damaged by wear and tear, our resizing services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our skilled technicians carefully trim and rebind the edges, ensuring a seamless finish that maintains the rug’s original design and structure.


Re-weaving is a delicate process that requires precision and expertise. Our team is proficient in restoring areas of your rug that have been damaged by moths, heavy foot traffic, or other factors. We meticulously match the original weave pattern, colors, and materials to ensure the repaired sections blend seamlessly with the rest of the rug.


Fringes are an essential part of many oriental rugs, contributing to their overall aesthetic and structural integrity. Over time, fringes can become frayed or damaged. Our re-fringing services involve carefully removing old or damaged fringes and replacing them with new ones that match the original style. This process enhances the rug’s appearance and prevents further unraveling.

Moth Damage Repair

Moth infestations can cause significant damage to rugs, eating away at the fibers and leaving unsightly holes. Our moth damage repair service addresses these issues by thoroughly cleaning the rug to remove any remaining moth larvae and then expertly re-weaving the affected areas. This ensures that your rug is restored to its original beauty and protected from future infestations.

Color Run Correction

Over time, rugs can experience color run, where dyes bleed and distort the original pattern. Our color run correction service is designed to address these issues, restoring the accurate and vibrant hues of your rug. We carefully treat affected areas to ensure your rug’s colors are as vivid as the day you bought it.

Why Choose Us?

At Rose Oriental Rugs, all our repair and restoration work is performed by highly experienced staff in our own facility. We do not subcontract any of our work, allowing us to maintain strict quality control and deliver the highest standards of craftsmanship. Each rug is treated with the utmost care and respect, ensuring that every repair and restoration project meets our exacting standards.

Restoration Expertise

Color Restoration

Exposure to sunlight, spills, and age can cause the colors in your rug to fade or run. Our color restoration service is designed to rejuvenate the vibrant hues of your rug. We use advanced techniques to correct color runs and restore faded areas, ensuring your rug looks as bright and beautiful as the day you bought it.

Structural Restoration

Structural damage, such as tears and holes, can compromise the integrity of your rug. Our structural restoration services involve reinforcing weakened areas and repairing any tears or holes to restore the rug’s strength and durability. This process not only enhances the rug’s appearance but also extends its lifespan.

Our comprehensive cleaning services begin with a thorough inspection of your rug to determine the best treatment plan. We specialize in traditional hand washing, which involves gentle yet effective techniques to clean your rug without causing damage. Our stain removal and pet odor elimination processes are tailored to address specific issues, using specialized products that are safe for your rug's fibers. Whether it's a minor stain or a deep-seated odor, we treat each problem with precision and care, restoring your rug to its original splendor.



Serving the Bay Area

We proudly serve the entire Bay Area, including major cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Jose. Our convenient location in Berkeley makes it easy for customers from all over the region to access our top-quality services. Whether you have a valuable antique rug or a modern piece that needs some care, Rose Oriental Rugs is here to help.

Expert Rug Repair and Restoration Services at Rose Oriental Rugs

At Rose Oriental Rugs, our cleaning services are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of each rug, preserving its beauty and extending its life. Our signature service, traditional hand washing, sets us apart from other providers. This method involves carefully washing each rug by hand, ensuring that delicate fibers and vibrant colors are maintained without the risk of damage that comes with machine washing. By using this gentle yet thorough technique, we effectively remove dirt and grime, leaving your rug looking rejuvenated and feeling softer. In addition to hand washing, our expert stain removal and pet odor elimination services address some of the most common challenges rug owners face. Stains from spills, pet accidents, and everyday use can be stubborn and unsightly, but our specialized products and techniques lift even the most persistent spots without harming the rug’s fabric. For households with pets, we offer advanced odor removal solutions that penetrate deep into the fibers, neutralizing unpleasant smells at their source. This ensures that your rug not only looks clean but also smells fresh, creating a healthier and more pleasant environment in your home. Another crucial aspect of our cleaning services is color run correction, which tackles dye migration issues that can alter a rug’s original pattern and vibrancy. Our careful treatment restores the accurate, vivid hues of your rug, ensuring it remains a centerpiece of your decor. Committed to safety and sustainability, we use only hypo-allergenic, plant-based cleaning products that are gentle on your rugs and safe for your family and pets. At Rose Oriental Rugs, all cleaning work is performed by our experienced staff at our Berkeley facility, ensuring the highest standards of care and quality control for every rug we handle.